Established in 2000 ,the company strongly believe in Protecting our Green Environment and the Peoples’ who are living on it, venture out to Seek more eCo Products.

Our Mission

To provide a sustainable Natural Products for the Benefits of our Earth and the People living on it without creating any harm to our Green Environment. There are No chemicals, lacquers, glues, bonding agents, or other toxins added to our plates, which keeps your meal and our Earth free from harm.


Our Palm Leaf Plate

salad plate

These Palm Leaf Plates are made from fallen fronds of Areca leaves.

The fallen fronds of the areca leaves are collected, cleaned & heat pressure to form the appropriate plate and bowl of different sizes and shapes, which are then packed and ready for use.

Palme plate transformation700x180

Traditional VS eCo Friendly 

The differences between modern eco friendly style & traditional style of display.

Our Eco Products are not only neat and easy to dispose of, but are also healthy and environmental friendly to all.

traditional usage700x180

Mixture of Use2

The Advantages of Bio-degradable Disposable Products

Due to advancement in Modern Society, everyone seems to be moving in Fast-paced. From work to food, every single working people are looking at quick service.No wonder Fast service establishments, such as Fast Food Restaurants are setting up in every corner of the cities. Therefore, the  use of disposable products due to its convenience and low cost are also growing.

Products like these save the labour and equipment it takes wash reusable products, and they are perfect for carry-out orders. However, these disposables are used just once and then thrown away, creating a tremendous amount of harmful waste to the environment.

The Dark Side of Disposables

Literally tons of paper, plastic and Styrofoam products end up in landfills everyday. Unfortunately, products like these take years to breakdown.Due to huge reduction in our natural resources and rising energy costs, it is becoming increasingly important to commit to environment friendly products and habits by every single person.Every single effort and action counts.

Biodegradable Disposables

Green disposables have recently been introduced to the Food Service Industry. They are also know as Bio-plastic.These products are usually manufacture mainly from corn, sugarcane, potatoes and other renewable vegetable matter, and can be commercially composted, or better yet, thrown away to naturally break down in landfills in a matter of months.Our 100% natural disposable palm leaf plates are far most superior as they are not only bio-degradable, they are also easily compostable.

Biodegradable Definition

Definition of biodegradable: Capable of being broken down (decomposed) rapidly by the action of microorganisms. Biodegradable substances include food .

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