Palm Leaf Plate

Different Species of Palm Tree Available !

There are around 2600 species of Palm Tree including some that can withstand different climates with cold winters.

Some examples as follows:-




Manufacturing Process

The entire manufacturing process is chemical free and each individual plate is hand-made with care into durable products that will naturally compost.


Palm Leave Manufacturing Process



100% Natural from the Nature !

Are there any bonding agents used in the manufacturing process?

There are no lacquers or any bonding agents used in the manufacturing process.

The Palm Leaf Plates are held in their positions through the heating process.




Palm Leaf Transformation



What is the shelf life?

It has a storage life of around 8 to 12 months.


Can they be used with hot or cold foods?

The compostable palm leaf plates & bowls are robust, leak proof, heat proof  & water proof can be use with both hot and cold foods.



Can these products be used in the refrigerator?

Yes, you can use the Areca leaf products in the refrigerator  as they do not have any reaction with food.


What is the impact to the environment when disposed ?

Palm leafs are biodegradable & compostable. There are zero additives, it becomes a pure organic compost when disintegrated.


The differences between modern eCO friendly style & traditional style of display.

Our eCO Palm Leaf Products are not only neat and easy to dispose of, but are also healthy and environmental friendly to all consumers.



Is this a Health Hazard to be worry of ?

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Going Back to Nature !

Our Products are biodegradable and compostable because there are ZERO presents of bonding agents, wax coating or chemical.

It is strong & tough, yet they are easily disposable without bringing harm to the environment.

We look forward to everyone of you to help us Safe the Environment  & the Earth !






Product Certification

Our Products had been tested by local Test Lab by PSB as shown on our Test Report.

Test Report by PSB



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