SemiconductorOur Business Models are as follows:-

  • Business Collaboration/Partnership ;
  • Kitting Services & Total Solution (EMS);
  • Distribution/Representative;
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Power Supply Manufacturing (ODM)




Our Business partners includes:-

 M.Y. Timber Co.,Ltd.(herafter as M.Y.)  :- has registered with SAIC (State Administration of Industry and Commerce) an equity capital amounting to RMB134,000,000.00 and deals in logs, plywood, reconstituted decorative wood and other products of wood and bamboo. Click here for more !

Shanghai Jidian Electronics Technology Co.Ltd :- Power Supply Manufacturing company integrated with components distribution business, mainly focusing on the industrial market segments. For more details …


General Products Applications Informations:-

  • Luminescent Tape :1. High Performance: Highest Level of Luminance in the industryFirst product in Japan to be approved by the Fire Protection Equipment and Safety Centre of Japan(performance appraisal number: 15-023)Afterglow lasts 8 to 10 hours after the light source is removed.

    High initial luminance that decreases gradually over time.

    ASTM E 162
    ASTM E 662
    ASTM D 2047
    Bombardier SMP-800C

    2. Safe, NON-toxic and NON-radioactive: Japan’s First Environmentally-Friendly Chloride-Free Product

    PET film, which does NOT generate dioxin, is used for the surface material and is manufactured using the Japanese

    industry’s first vinyl chloride-free method.

    α-FLASH®009 is a safe material that does not include any radioactive substances.

    Anti-slip surface is safe for use in hallways and on floors.

    3. Extreme Durability

    α-FLASH®009 consists of a chemically stable oxide, and repeats absorption and emission of light for an extended

    period of time.

    Fire and Heat-resistant.

    Withstands high temperatures of up to 215°C (while Vinyl chloride product heat resistance is only 100°C).


    Suitable for outdoor applications.

    Superior strength. Approximately 3 times stronger than vinyl chloride products

Applications:- These products are typically use for secondary safety when a total blackout in a building happen. This is particularly true at time when the emergency lighting failed to function during a fire in the building.


Luminescent Tape application


This could be your alternate solution when the backup battery or power supply failed too. More important, they act as a guide to lead all the way to the exit door during emergency.